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My Apply

Technology at Scale Fund

Basic Information

Pick whatever name you like. The project name you provide will be used in e-mails.

This email address will be used to communicate with you about your Concept Note.

Please describe the technology solution you are proposing for USAGM entities.

Please describe the basic functions and attributes of your technology solution and how USAGM broadcasters, journalists or audience members will benefit from it. What problem or challenge does your solution address for USAGM?

Technical Details

Please explain how the solution you are proposing functions. What platforms does it work on? How far back in mobile and desktop OS does the solution work? What might reviewers need to know about the technical details of your proposed solution to evaluate its potential effectiveness for USAGM use cases.

Service Model

How will the technology service you are providing be structured for use by USAGM entities? How is the service made available? What is required of USAGM broadcasters, journalists, technical personnel or audiences to make use of the service?

Costing Model

What are the rates for the service? How are they calculated and charged?

Similar/complementary efforts and distinguishing features

OTF expects this to include a brief comparative review of any available technologies or programs that are similar to your proposed solution. This not only allows OTF to understand how your offering can be distinguished from others but also an applicant’s understanding of the current landscape for similar solutions.

Open Source

Please elaborate. Include what elements, if any, are closed source or proprietary. OTF has a strong preference for fully open-source tools and open-sourced components wherever viable, and necessitates strong justification for any proprietary components

Security Audits

Please elaborate. If yes, please note when and what portion of the codebase the audit covered. If not, would you be open to an independent security code audit?

Performance Metrics

Feel free to note performance metrics as they relate to both the reach (number and nature of users) for the technology and technical performance metrics such as speed and reliability? How are these metrics collected? Are they independently verifiable?

Institutional Background and Accomplishments

Please elaborate on the offering organization or individual's past record of performance delivering technology solutions such as the one proposed. Please include the qualifications of key personnel.

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