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We’ll use this name when we communicate with you about your proposal. You can use the name of the project you’re applying for, your own name, or a pseudonym or nickname.

Feel free to use a pseudonym or nickname.

6. Are you proposing a security audit for your own project, or another project? *
7. Has this project received OTF support before?

If you're applying for a Security Lab engagement for a current OTF project, please skip to question 10.

For example, what are its aims or mission? What tools or initiatives does it work on? You might want to include links to websites, apps, or social media.

For example, how does it benefit people in repressive contexts or strengthen the internet freedom ecosystem?

We can't guarantee we'll be able to match you with your chosen vendor. All our vendors are highly qualified and have overlapping expertise.

If you're flexible, please indicate that in your response. Ideally though, we can have an idea of when you need the report prepared.

12. I will have time to coordinate the engagement directly with the vendor

We estimate 80 hours of work per engagement, which spans around four months from scoping to final report delivery. If you're applying to recommend a public safety audit, this doesn't apply to you.

Try to focus your answer on why the app's privacy and security are important to internet freedom.

I acknowledge

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