My OTF Apply
My OTF Apply

Red Team Lab

Basic information

If yes or maybe, please provide more information below. If you're a current or previous OTF project or fellow, check yes.

Include links to your past submissions and project pages, if appropriate.

More information about your request

In USD and no more than 25,000. If you are requesting direct funding, state how much you need. If you are service provider, state how much you expect the effort to cost. If you are a seeking services, state how much you think it will cost.

In months

Less is more. We may request that you re-submit an application for individual needs.

Please briefly provide contextual or background information regarding the problem you would like to address and the target technology and the community of people it serves.

In other words, please describe your project’s overall goal as well as specific objectives. What activities are you going to carry out in order to achieve your objectives?

A list or efforts grouped is fine.

Categories that describe the project being helped

This is another less is more, only chose the ones that most apply or that apply first (are your priority)

Additional information

Legal information for contracting

You only need to fill this out if you are seeking direct funding