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My Apply

Legal Lab

OTF's Legal Lab is prioritizing previously supported OTF projects and fellows and then those efforts that are within our remit and mission

Please use the same one you used previously, if possible.

Shorter the better.

If you are requesting assistance as a legal entity, please state the entity type (e.g., LLC,Non-profit Corporation, B-Corp, etc.)

If you are the individual, please say applicant here, otherwise, provide the legal name of the entity.

This can be just a few sentences and should explain the nature of your work and why it is important. Include relevant links to your website/work, if they are helpful.

This information is required for pro bono partners to conduct conflicts checks and must be provided. Please include any contact information you may have for the parties.

Please provide a specific date(s) (not “ASAP”) and why, if not included in the above.

Please acknowledge the following

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