The Internet Freedom Fund accepts applications on a rolling basis and is done in a two-stage-process. Applications are submitted as concept notes, upon positive review, OTF invites the applicant to submit a full proposal. Please note that additional information can be found in our guidebook: guide.opentech.fund

Tell us about your project idea

This project name can be changed if a full proposal is requested.

This will help us review your application. Briefly mention the problem being addressed and the expected outcome.

Describe the problem that exists. What change is needed? How will your project contribute to solving this problem?

If this project is funded, what form will it take?

Choosing the one that fits the best. Will the output be a research report? An app? Digital security support? A community convening?

Briefly list key milestones and activities you will carry out.

What gaps does your project address? Does your project build on these projects? If so, how? Is there opportunity for collaboration? Provide web links if available.

How long do you estimate this project will take?

This estimate may be revised if a full proposal is requested.

This estimate can be revised if a full proposal is requested.

Who are the users?

Tell us about the people who will use this project? How is it relevant to them? Who will attend the event?

Where are your intended users, or audiences located?

About you and your team

We use this name when we communicate with you about your proposal. You can use your name, a pseudonym, a nickname, or the name of the project or effort you’re applying for funding for.

Describe your relevant expertise, knowledge, your past work.

Please upload any supporting documents to your application.

Accepted file types are .doc, .docx, .odp, .ods, .odt, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .rtf, .txt, .xls, .xlsx

The start date for this event must be at least 90 days after the application has been submitted.

I acknowledge:

If my project involves technology development, I agree to undergo a code security audit facilitated by OTF *

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