My OTF Apply
My OTF Apply

Core Infrastructure Fund

Basic information

Pick whatever name you like. Used in e-mails and as account name in case this concept is invited to submit a proposal.

This email address will be used to communicate with you about your Concept Note. If you are invited to submit a proposal, we will auto create an account for you on this web site. You will receive an e-mail to this address with more information.

What is your idea?

In as few sentences as possible, please describe your idea.

We want to know how you think the world could be, what larger purpose this project is a part of, and/or the bigger target you are aiming for. Bulleted lists are good.

Choose the options that most applies to the proposed effort.

Choose the option that most applies to the proposed effort.

If the proposed project is working very closely with technology such as developing software or hardware, select any of the following that could describe the technology.

How will you do it?

Briefly and clearly list key milestones, objectives, and/or activities briefly. These should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-relatable. Bulleted lists are ideal.

Choose the options that most applies to the proposed effort.

An estimation in months e.g. 6 months, 12 months, or 1 month?

An estimation in USD e.g. $150000, $25000, or $600000?

Who is the project for?

In other words, who are the people benefiting or affected most by this effort and how well do you know them?

Define the community as you see it. If your answer is none, please explain how you plan to cultivate community around the proposed effort, including mechanisms to receive feedback and get others involved.

Select any who the proposed effort intends to benefit most.

Why is this project needed?

Describe one or more of the following: the specific needs of the group(s) being met, how it uniquely solves a known issue or improve upon existing solutions, and/or what knowledge, research, technology, or community gap the proposed effort is intending to fill. If the effort targets a specific group of people, note any research or analysis you have done to ensure the effort serves the target population.

Select any of the most prominent and appropriate problems that the proposed effort seeks to address.

List other similar efforts to this proposed project. OTF expects this to include a review of any available technologies or programs that are similar to the project described. This not only allows OTF to understand how your project can be distinguished from those already active but also an applicant’s understanding of the current landscape for such an undertaking.

Provide a way for us to follow-up with you, a website, and/or twitter feed.


The description may be used as the label of the link to the file.

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